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Unexpected Ways To Use Legos – Crafts & Projects

I was in awwh! When I first discovered the amazing ways to use legos to create beautiful crafts you will want to have on display.  Legos from the start were fun to build with, however kids to sometimes have a hard time following the diagrams to complete the crafts, houses, etc…. These crafts they will find a bit easier.

Prepare to be amazed!

Crafty LEGO pencil holder - Looks good on the work desk too

Crafty LEGO pencil holder- Looks good on the work desk or you can use it for you kid’s crafts room.  however, LEGOS are so much fun and so many crafts to with them.

Great artwork for hallway, bedroom, or even bathroom

LEGO Wall Art – Great artwork for the hallway, bedroom or even the bathroom.  lego crafts are incredible and there is so much you can do with them.

Build the whole alphabet with LEGOS

Lego Alphabet –  Make all the letters, create, explore and get involved with teaching your children

lego chess

You need LOTS of legoo pieces to make a lego chess board, but it’s reall cool, don’t you think?  Need the instructions, click here.

Storage Box - LEGO@

Snack Storage – This box can be made as large or as small as you’d like.

DIY Snow globe christmas gift

DIY Snow globe – Fun Christmas craft.

Super fun LEGO car idea that will take off on it's own

Super Fun LEGO car idea.  Blow the balloon up at watch it fly across the floor.

Inexpensive Birthday Party Favors

Inexpensive Birthday Party Favors 

Lego Cut out- To draw and color on

Lego Cut Out – Draw and color

Ultra cool LEGO copter

Ulitmate LEGO Helli


Crazy Lego Wall - Would be a child's dream


Crazy Lego Wall Some of them may be a bit harder than others but just like always you should be able to find lots of tutorials on LEGO Crafts.

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