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2 Nutella Popsicle Recipes

Ok so I’ve had a bit of an obsession this week, just can’t get enough Nutella. If you love Nutella as much as I do then you need to try these 2 simple recipes. Sure beats buying a box of fugesicles in the store, and you save money too. Both recipes require only 2 ingredients, once you make them you will probably get creative and begin blending your own. I heard Nutella and Cool Whip make a killer fudgesicle too.

Nutella the Chocolate Alternative

nutella pops

Original Nutella Fudgesicles

What You’ll Need:

1 Cup Whole Fat Milk
1/3 Cup Nutella
1  popsicle mould


In a blender combine milk and nutella, blend together until completely mixed.  Pour into your popsicle moulds and freeze for 3-4 hours. Eat UP!

Banana Nutella Fudgesicles

Thank you Lisa over at alimentageuse. com for the lovely picture and delicious recipe idea

What You’ll Need:

6 Lg. overripe bananas, peeled
1/2 Cup nutella (use a heaping 1/3 cup if you odn’t like things too sweet)
Popsicle mould


Blend the overripe bananas until completely pureed. Add Nutella and blend until completely mixed in.  The pour into popsicle moulds with sticks and freeze for 3-4 hours.  Eat UP!

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