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How To Make A Sock Monkey

Easy Memorable Craft For Kids

Sock Monkeys have been around for decades. They first hit the market in the 1920’s and then became a popular homemade stuffed animal in the 1950’s.  Bless those Suzy homemakers that were crafty enough to create their own patterns!   Sock puppets will keep your kids entertained and your infant chewing for hours (babies love to chew on sock monkeys).  Knee socks or higher must be used for all patterns shared below.

There’s no doubt about it!  These classic goofy sock toys are so much so much fun to have around the house.  Once you learn how to make a sock monkey you will end up making a few.

What You’ll Need:

Pair of socks            Sewing Machine            Buttons (2 for the eyes)

Ruler                         Pens                                 Scissors

Stuffing                    Pins                                  Needle and Thread

If you’re looking to learn how to make a sock monkey without using a sewing machine then check out the printable tutorials provide so you can make your own sock monkey by using easy to follow directions.

Use colorful knee high socks to make a bright sock monkey or use an argyle style for a more silly sophisticated style.    IF you’re looking for the classic American style look then you must use Rockford Red Heel socks.

Step-by-Step Instructions How to Make A Sock Monkey

Provided by The Stitch Sharer.

1. Firstly, turn both socks inside out and lay the first sock down as below. Top tip: the socks you choose will affect your monkey’s pattern / design and the amount of stretch there is in the arms and legs.

Use a fabric marker to draw on the shape of your monkey’s head / body and legs onto your first sock.

2. Sew over your markings by hand or machine (I would only use the sewing machine if you are confident at sewing stretch fabrics) leaving a small gap between the monkey’s legs for stuffing.

3. Leaving a small (around 1cm) seam allowance, cut away the spare material to leave a shape similar to below. Top tip: you will find it much easier if you stitch before you cut.

4. Turn your sock monkey the right way out  – the handle of a wooden spoon can help make this easier. The back of your sock should look like this:

5. Fill your monkey’s body with toy stuffing. When you are happy with your monkey’s shape and there is enough stuffing in its butt so it is stable when it sits up, sew up its gusset. I find a small ladder or whip stitch works well.

6. With your fabric maker, draw on your monkey’s parts, sew over your markings and cut them out (remember to leave a small seam allowance).

7. Turn your pieces so they are the right side out and stuff. You will need to make a small slit into the base of each ear so you can get the stuffing in. Once you have tucked  the raw edge of each piece in on itself you are ready to sew them onto your monkey.

8. Take your monkey’s ears and sew them on – I find a good place is around the base of the head’s stitching line.

9. Take the heel of your second sock (monkey’s face) and place it on front of your monkeys head – the top of the mouth should align with the base of your monkey’s new-found ears. Turn the edges of the face under as you pin it on – add extra stuffing if you need it. Once you are happy with your monkey’s face shape, sew it on will small stitches.

10. Sew on your monkey’s arms – again a ladder or whip stitch works well..

11. Add on the tail – a good place for this is at the top of the heel (monkey’s butt!).

12. Add on 2 buttons for eyes and sew on a mouth and nose – I used some cotton embroidery thread for this.

sock monkey

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