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Kids Party Games

They’re are lots of indoor and outdoor party games for kids. 11 of the best party games 1. Balloon Busters Blow up a bunch of balloons with regular air and let them hang out on the floor in a room.  The idea of the game is to pop the highest number of balloons. The time […]

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5 Budget Friendly Party Ideas for Kids

Getting creative on a budget can sometimes make planning diffcult, thats why we have the internet! Ideas for a cheap birthday party can be found within seconds.  Here are 5 great ideas for keeping the cost down and fun going! Birthdays on Budgets So besides, limiting the number of guests you invite or keeping your food […]

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Water Balloon Party

Water theme birthday party for some good ole  fashion FUN!  Coming up with party ideas can be exhausting, not sure what the world would do without pinterest!  Water and parties go hand in hand.  Here are some party ideas for everyone to try! Water Pinatas   It may be cold out right now! But think about how much […]

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DIY Goodie Bags

These are some great ideas for DIY favor bags.  Party Ideas for Kid’s Parties.  All these favor bags are simply to make at home.  So many different Party Themes to choose from. Enjoy your party as much as the kids will. Goodie Bags for Kid Theme Parties Hello Kitty Design Lego Design   Strawberry Shortcake Bags […]

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5 Great Party Theme for Boys

Birthdays are much like theme parks to children, they think about them until the day of, and probably the night before they don’t sleep!!!!! Doing a theme party will make you the coolest parent ever.  If you are looking for some awesome party themes for boys then check out the following pics to get your wheels turning! Choose […]

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Superhero Cuffs Tutorial

Learning to sew?  This project is very basic and a great starter.  Children will love pretending with their superhero cuffs all day long; also they are the perfect party gift for Superhero Theme Parties.  Turn it into an activity at the party. Use various felt colors cut out a shapes and have the cuffs pre-made, just cut […]

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