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How To Make A Sock Monkey

Easy Memorable Craft For Kids Sock Monkeys have been around for decades. They first hit the market in the 1920’s and then became a popular homemade stuffed animal in the 1950’s.  Bless those Suzy homemakers that were crafty enough to create their own patterns!   Sock puppets will keep your kids entertained and your infant […]

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Homemade lava lamp

Hypnotize everyone with the calming movement of the liquid rising to the top.  Get excited this science experiments is simply fantastic and ultimate craft for kids. This if looking for activities for toddlers, this one is great!  Shaking the bottle over and over and watching the bubble rise, never gets old.  What You’ll Need To Make […]

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Healthy School Lunch Ideas

    9 Kid Lunch Ideas   Healthy School Lunch Ideas include much more then sandwiches Let’s face it school lunches aren’t the best things to eat and neither are those processed cold cuts and lunchables.  If you’re looking for kids school lunch ideas then here you go! , These are all healthy and will stay […]

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