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Homemade lava lamp

Hypnotize everyone with the calming movement of the liquid rising to the top.  Get excited this science experiments is simply fantastic and ultimate craft for kids. This if looking for activities for toddlers, this one is great!  Shaking the bottle over and over and watching the bubble rise, never gets old.

 What You’ll Need To Make A Homemade Lava Lamp

Empty water bottle               Cooking oil         Water

Food coloring                            Alka-seltzer tablets 


To start your homemade lava lamp science project,  fill your bottle about two thirds of the way with oil and the rest with water, leaving about an inch free at the top.  NOTE: We liked watching the water layer sink to the bottom, but we had to wait a while for the bubbles to disappear for the next step. Adding the water first, then the food coloring, and finally the oil wasn’t quite as fun, but it was a bit faster.

Add several drops of food coloring. (If you did the oil first, then the water, it’ll take a little while for the drops of food coloring to “break through” and tint the water).

Break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into three or four pieces. Then drop a piece in and watch the magic!!!

As soon as the tablet hits the layer of water, it will start to fizz and the colored water will erupt.

The bubbles will stop as soon as the tablet dissipates, but they’ll will start up again as soon as you add another tablet. If the oil layer starts to become cloudy with tiny bubbles, just let the homemade lava lamp settle for a while. Then you can do some more. Also when you shake the bottle the bubble appear all over again .

Perfect summer crafts for kids and all you need is a recycled water bottle and kind of container (fish bowls look make fun decor), food coloring, vegetable oil, water and alka-seltzer.  Mix them all up and watch the lava bowl!  Place a flash light behind the bottle to make a fun night-light or use glow sticks instead of food coloring and it will glow by itself.

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