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5 Budget Friendly Party Ideas for Kids

Getting creative on a budget can sometimes make planning diffcult, thats why we have the internet! Ideas for a cheap birthday party can be found within seconds.  Here are 5 great ideas for keeping the cost down and fun going!

BUdget friendly ideas

Birthdays on Budgets

So besides, limiting the number of guests you invite or keeping your food budget down.  Here are few other ways to save.  Like making your own party favor bags or playing a corky game like loco for donuts


1. Throw a teddy bear picnic party (for toddler and younger kids)

Basic all you do is lay a pinic blanket, a pinic basket and pillows for the kids to sit on on the dining room floor.  In front of each cushion have a stuffed animal.  The basket is filled with little outfits for the kids to dress up the bears with.  Party favors are of gummy bears and other games include teddy bear coloring pages, and pin the tail on the bear.  This is a simple idea and the total cost is around $65.00


2. Story Book Party Theme

To create a storybook theme, decorate the party area with posters from Nursery Rymes and story books.  Just go to local library and ask for old posters, they’ll give them to you usually.  Ask everyone to come dressed as their favorite storybook character.  Games ideas can include creating a gingerbreadman’s bakery.  Kids can decorate wodden gingerbreadman purchased a Michaels (4 for $1), or how about Pinocchios puppets.  A game station filled with socks or paper sacks an provide decorations.  This idea will cost around $50.00

choco late

3. Chocolate Making Party

So who doesn’t enjoy making treats… Well maybe a few people but who doesn’t enjoy eating them? No one!  Go to Michaels and purchase a bunch of chocolate molds, they come in a variety of shapes. Also pick up some chocolate melts they come a number of fun colors, so get crazy.  Just melt the chocolate in the microwave and them have the kids pour the chocolate yum into the mold. Put molds in fridge or freeze.  * make chocolate lego pieces for lego theme party Costs about $45.00

craft party

4. Craft Party for teens

For girls  mostly in the tweens will love this party.  Channel theme.  Get some unfinished items like wooden trinket boxes unpainted pottery, T-shirts, picture frames bags, etc.. just make sure they are plain as possible. Present the guests with fabrics, paints, sparkles, glue and everything they need to bling out the craft. You can usually do this pretty cheaply but it will depend on what type of materials you buy.

scavenger hunt

5. Scavenger Hunt

I still love scavenger hunts.  The key to making a good one is THOUGHT.  I mean you have to find not only good hiding spots but also come up with sneaky clues and creative hints.  Tween boys love this kind of party.  Make them work against a clock to keep the time down. And made make some rules the competition can get pretty tense.



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