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Water Balloon Party

Water theme birthday party for some good ole  fashion FUN!  Coming up with party ideas can be exhausting, not sure what the world would do without pinterest!  Water and parties go hand in hand.  Here are some party ideas for everyone to try!

Water Pinatas

Pinatas Balloons


It may be cold out right now! But think about how much fun this would be on a hot summer day.

Pop game

A water balloon treasure hunt inside a pool of fun!

Water Balloon Basketball

Perfect for toddlers water balloon basketball. Isn’t getting wet fun?


How about a water balloon yo-yo!  Let’s face it getting soaked is fun especially when you’re anticipated it just don’t know WHEN it will happen!

Water Balloon Fight

And of course the a water balloon fight! Another fun game is loco for donuts.  You tie donuts on a string hang them up and then try to eat them with out your hands, gets pretty messy.




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