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Party Idea – Loco for Donuts

Choose a prize for the winner and let the race begin!  Perfect game for any kid party. The kids will want to keep playing even when the party is over.  It will be the game the kids try to recreate themselves whenever they have donuts.  This makes the perfect party idea for any all ages. Set-up is pretty basic just simply loop a string through the donut hole and tie to a tree of other place high up.  Follow the games instructions, to ensure every feels that the game is fair!

Perfect Party Game

Donut Wars

Donuts On A String



1. When the word”Go!” is screamed players must try to eat the entire doughnut with using their hands.
2. Participants are allowed to stretch, bend, or even kneel down to be able to get under their doughnut. (as long as no hands are used, everything is pretty much legal).
3. The winner is the first that to eat their entire doughnut, without most of it dropping on the ground.

4. Reward with party favor!

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