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Fun Lego Activities

Fun Lego Activities

LEGO LOVE! Make Learning fun with Legos.   There are lots of different ideas like, making mazes, building with legos, building a simple Lego Catapullt, making a Lego Excavation Experiment.

Hands On Lego Play Ideas


Be sure to when outlining the run separate the LEGOS far enough apart that the marble can role through.

More crafts to do with kids:

Unexpected Ways To Use Legos – Crafts and Projects

DIY Chessboard For Kids

Creating with legos gets your imagination pumping.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised the various lego projects  to create with toddlers. Fun lego activities you will enjoy to play with.

Lego Catapult

All you need is a set of lego wheels, pompom balls,  8 small lego squares (the ones with 4 heads) one really long thin platform (like 24 heads) and then a  smaller platform (12 heads)

This one is by far one of the best lego projects.  Lots of quiet time involved as they hack through ice to save legoman.


Mix water and salt and drop in a LEGO.  Set it in the freezer let it freeze then take it out and with an eyedropper or small straw drip water over the ice.  It melts from inside out!  Then take a toothpick and chisel out your lego.  This idea came from mommy and legoman

tic tac toeSimple tic tac toe board.  Much better than scribbling out the old game to start a new one.  And preschoolers will find it fun to take the pieces out to start over.

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