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DIY Storage Ideas For Kids Room

Kids now a days have more toys and stuff then parents know what to do with.  Lots of time finding a place to put them is impossible.  Buying organizers are a thing of the past as there are some many wonderful craft organization ideas to choose from.Looking to Organize your kid’s room? Make your life easier with […]

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Sensory Activities For Toddlers

Building your own sensory box will take less than 5 minutes.  You can use any type of container from a baby pool to a foam cooler.  Just simply fill the container with one of the following – fish tank rock (fun to use a bunch of different colors), sand, various dried beans, popcorn kernels, rocks,rice […]

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Unexpected Ways To Use Legos – Crafts & Projects

I was in awwh! When I first discovered the amazing ways to use legos to create beautiful crafts you will want to have on display.  Legos from the start were fun to build with, however kids to sometimes have a hard time following the diagrams to complete the crafts, houses, etc…. These crafts they will […]

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DIY Kid Pillows

Why would anyone waste money on store-bought pillows when you could simply make your very own? Pillows are incredibly  simple and cheap to make, and are also a great way to being learning  some basic sewing and crafting skills.  The easiest types of pillows to make are  rectangular and square shaped.  Once you start to […]

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13 Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

START saving the toilet paper rolls!!! You will be impressed of what kind of things you can make out of toilet paper. Here are some pictures to get you inspired.  Take some time and share these ideas with your kids, they will enjoy them just as much as you will.  All ages will enjoy at […]

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Glitter Sidewalk Paint

Want to create amazingly fun artwork outside and want to try something other than chalk, well then try this DIY Sidewalk Paint recipe with glitter,  all ages will enjoy. These paints are great for kids and you can choose to do a rainbow of colors.  Pretty much the paint is ready to use right after […]

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