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Rainbow Space Dough

If you children daydreams of becoming an astronaut and shooting up into space, this  play dough will turn that day dream into a reality. Unlike regular play dough, rainbow space dough is much fluffier and lighter, it’s like playdough at zero gravity! Basically, just mix together cornstarch and shaving cream, this tutorial will tell you […]

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Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Do something different to your kid’s room. Instead of telling your child NO! for coloring on the wall, encourage them to.  There are lots of places that you can buy chalkboard decals from, so you don’t have to use the paint! Also you don’t just have to paint walls, you can paint dressers, toy chests, […]

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DIY Chess board For Kids

Make your very own chess board 2 DIY chess board projects.  One is for around the house and other is made from felt for traveling.  With felt you won’t lose any pieces. What you Need: Pencil Ruler Wood Board cardboard egg cartons cut googly eyes and various other crafts to decorate your animals Paint (colors […]

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Water Color Paints

Trying to find activities for your child this summer? How about make your little artist their very own water color paints by following these simple directions to make your own homemade water colors.  You will find most if not all the ingredients needed in your kitchen TODAY! Easy Water Color Paint Recipe  (Homemade Non-Toxic Kid Friendly)   Mix […]

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Glove Puppets

There is something so comforting and fun about gloves, especially children’s gloves that come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors.   Sadly, just like our beloved socks our gloves go missing too.  A lot of times the gloves are too cute to trash, so they stay stashed away in the back of the […]

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Jar Crafts

INSANELY cool craft project for older kids.  3 extremely simple steps for making your own glow in the dark Jars.  Get creative and make a variety of jars filled with different colors.  Glow in the dark jars also make amazing party decorations of all ages. What You Will Need: 1. Glass jars with lids (mason […]

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