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Sensory Activities For Toddlers

Building your own sensory box will take less than 5 minutes.  You can use any type of container from a baby pool to a foam cooler.  Just simply fill the container with one of the following – fish tank rock (fun to use a bunch of different colors), sand, various dried beans, popcorn kernels, rocks,rice or even jello (if you’re crazy this is the ultimate sensory box filling).  Then put in some toys, measuring cups, large rocks, etc…

Heighten your children’s sensory skills with these nifty DIY Sensory Tubs

Sensory Tub

Made with Various Dried Beans

Made with Jello and filled with Sea Creatures

Sensory Bin -Eatable Jello

 Made with Jello filled with Sea Creature!  Many people will also divide the bin into sections so they can make a rainbow. Another great idea – fill up a  container large enough for your baby to sit in – makes the ultimate sensory play for babies.  At first your baby may be apprehensive about the texture, so a little encouragement maybe necessary.

Sensory Tub made with Rocks and Crocs!

Sensory Tub made with Rocks and Crocs!

The Croc Tank is a wonderful sensory game and would also make nice room decor.  It’s a dry tank that kids will have fun staging new scenes.

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