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DIY Kid Pillows

Why would anyone waste money on store-bought pillows when you could simply make your very own? Pillows are incredibly  simple and cheap to make, and are also a great way to being learning  some basic sewing and crafting skills.  The easiest types of pillows to make are  rectangular and square shaped.  Once you start to get the hang of it you will find it amazingly simple to assemble animal shapes pillows. DIY Animals Shaped Pillows make for some perfect decorations on a bed.

How To Make Your Pillows

DIY Pillows

Many different animal pillows to create.  Old sheets make great new pillows, bet you have a few laying around the house right now.

Measure you pillow form.  Cut the dimensions of the fabric the same size as the pillow cover and use a 1/4″ seam – then the pillow fills out the cover perfectly.  So, cut a front cover piece and two back pieces.  The two back pieces should be the same width as the front, but the height should be a few inches larger to account for the overlap (and hemming) on the envelope closure.

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