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Superhero Cuffs Tutorial

Learning to sew?  This project is very basic and a great starter.  Children will love pretending with their superhero cuffs all day long; also they are the perfect party gift for Superhero Theme Parties.  Turn it into an activity at the party. Use various felt colors cut out a shapes and have the cuffs pre-made, just cut felt  into 3 inch wide strips and add on the velcro to both sides. The kids can then choose the shapes they want and invent their own superhero ego.  If you’re wanting to make more detailed superhero wrist bands here is the directions

Superhero Party FUN

Superhero cuffs with wings

Simple Sewing Craft

Materials You Will Need:

  • Velcro (sticky back)
  • Various colors of felt (minimum 2)
  • Sewing Machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors (rotary cutter if you have one)
  • String  (color of your choice; contrast thread looks awesome)


  1. To make your pattern- take a measurement of your child’s wrist with a tape measure. Check that it is not too loose or too tight. For overlap add 2.5 inch.
  2. With the same color felt cut 4 pieces of the same pattern set aside.  Put the Cuff part on hold……..Now on to choosing your cuff design (see below for printable patterns) .    Take the 2nd color of felt and CAREFULLY cut out your shape (use the rotary cutter if you’re lucky and have one) .
  3. Take your cuff and lay it flat, place your shape in the very center.  Stitch shape to cuff.  Do the same to other cuff.
  4. With the extra felt pieces lay on top of the other (2 felt pieces for every cuff) and pull together the top and bottom of your cuff; do a straight stitch along the edge (using a contrast thread adds nice detail).
  5. Grab the  velcro & cut 2″ long strips.  Place the “loop” side of the velcro in the center on one of your sides  1/4inch  away from the edge of the cuff.    Repeat process on the other end of the cuff.  Do the same to other cuff.
  6. OKKK all done you are now ready to Save the World!!!!!!!!!!


Superhero masks

****Check out JulieMarieKids esty store, you can buy felt superhero masks and cuffs for the whole party!****







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