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Meatball Sliders

Prepare yourself this recipe may become a weekly favorite for a few months. The meatballs are perfectly seasoned and the flavor of the sauce is to die for.  Kids will be excited to eat this and will continue asking when they can eat those yummy meatball sandwiches again.  These are kids size so they are easy for them to pick up and eat comfortably with out having all the mozzarella cheese ooze out…… yummmmmmm!!!!!!

The Whole Family Can Enjoy!


Bite Size Meatball Sandwiches

Bite Size Meatball Sandwiches

What You’ll Need For The Meatballs:

1lb of ground chuck beef
1 egg
3 tbls italian bread crumbs
2 tbls parmesan cheese (or as much as desired) 🙂
Few pinches of fresh parsley

What You’ll Need For The Sauce:

2 Cans Tomato sauce
1/2 Water
Dry or Fresh basil (or herbs of your choice)
3-4 whole garlic cloves
1-2 TBLS of olive oil

*****And of course don’t forget the buns and Mozzarella Cheese!*****


Put the ground beef in a bowl and add in all ingredients for the meatballs and mix well. Once all blended together start making medium size balls (or whatever size fits the buns you are using best.) The egg and breading will help keep them together! Set aside

Take your garlic cloves and smash them down to remove the skin.  Don’t cut, dice or chop the garlic leave it whole (I have a fun secret to share!).  In sauce pan add in garlic and olive oil and cook over medium- low heat.  Allow the two to heat up together, the garlic will infuse the oil, which makes for an extra yummy sauce. Stir the garlic around the pan and once in a while remove the pan from the stove tilt it to one side to allow the garlic to simmer in the hot oil. Once garlic is a translucent yellow add in the tomato sauce and water, TURN UP THE HEAT. Simmer sauce for about 3-5 mins, until the water evaporates and sauce thickens just a bit, then add in salt, pepper. Now stir in the meatballs and remember to stir them every once so often.   Meatballs should cook in sauce for about 30-45mins.  Tips – Add your dry herbs in about 5-10 mins before turn off the heat and if they are fresh add them right when you turn the heat off.  They will add more flavor this way.

When meatballs are done take a spoon and place inside bun (toasted or not toasted).

Important Note – Mozzarella Cheese– You can either shred fresh mozzarella or you can bake it all together for a few minutes and let the cheese melt into the bun and sauce.

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