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Arts and Crafts Project

Using Sharpies – Professional Art made by your Child.  Found this art gem on Pinterest this morning.  Kid Art  stepped up a notch.  These canvas art project are simple and you need little materials.  You’ll find the instructions below on this Art for Kids project.

Sharpie Art

sharpie art

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What You’ll Need

White Ceramic tiles                                Rubbing Alcohol

Small Straw or eyedropper                Your Favorite Sharpie Fine Markers

Double-sided tape


Color  tile with Sharpies! Pick a combination of dark and vibrant colors to create contrast. There are no wrong choices!

Use a stirring spoon  or eyedropper to methodically drop small “pools” of alcohol onto the tile. If you drop too much, the colors will all blur together and you won’t get any circles or patterns. Let dry! It can take up to half an hour, so just be patient!

If you think you added too much alcohol, you can go back and add more to create new “pools” on top. It will bloom again!

Seal it using a spray fixative first. Hold the tile at least 6 inches away and spray lightly over it. If you spray too closely or too much, the ink will reactivate and blur again. Do it in layers. After that, you can use a varnish or polyurethane to seal it with a glossy coat!

IF you’re really feelin’ crazy, you can add MORE Sharpie on top of the sealed layer!

Thanks for the awesome idea pinterest and sharpie

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