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Easy Crafts for Toddlers

Fun Easy Crafts For Toddlers

To Do At Home

Running around the house, picking something up and putting another down.  Toddlers have the attention span of a toddler and get into everything.  Here are some cute colorful easy crafts for toddlers that you can do at home.  You may already have or may need to pick up a few random items from a local craft store.

plastic googly eyes                      colorful pompoms                         clothes pins

wire cleaner                                  popsicle sticks                                felt sheets

plastic cups                                   paper plates                                    river stones

When thinking about what easy crafts to do with toddlers keep in mind a lot of them can replace toys.  Toddlers love funny faces

Fun craft for toddlersSolo cups made into funny chicken face.   You can hang them all up on a mobile, it makes a fun noise.

Fuit Loop RainbowFruits Loops make color easy crafts for toddlers.  Just like this rainbow from one artsy mama.  Simple divide the colors grab some cotton balls and glue.  Begin creating your rainbow and have fun snacking.

Clothespin airplanes

Airplane fun with clothes pins and Popsicle sticks.  Makes great planes for lego men.  Easy crafts for toddlers never has to be difficult.

funny face pomsGoogly eyes make everything cute!  You can decorate your funny face masks with anything you like.  Felt sheets, yarn and wire cleaner all add character to these easy crafts for toddlers.


Another adorable googly eye caterpillar clothes pins. Use color or solid pompom balls to create your creatures.  Glue a magnetic to the back for some refrigerator play.

toilet paper funny facesPaint toilet papers rolls glue on colorful feathers and of course the googly eyes.  Just another fun creature to play with around the house.

wire cleaner Wire cleaner friend to make believe time.  Easy crafts for toddlers can be done with just a bit of wire cleaner and pompoms.  Again, notice the googly eyes.  They are a must

felt-popsYummy pretend felt popsicles for toddlers to play with.  Makes crafts for toddlers can be very rewarding.  Enjoy making them toys that they’ll truly love playing with after you make them together

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