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Jar Crafts

glowing jars for kidsINSANELY cool craft project for older kids.  3 extremely simple steps for making your own glow in the dark Jars.  Get creative and make a variety of jars filled with different colors.  Glow in the dark jars also make amazing party decorations of all ages.

What You Will Need:

1. Glass jars with lids (mason jars)
2. Glow Sticks
3. Diamond Glitter (for fun)

The alternative night light

glow jars 2


Break open glow sticks and pour desired amount into jar.  Add in your glitter and seal jar with lid. Then just SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!. Your glowing jars are all ready to light up your night.

Mason Jars are the most popular type of jar used in jar crafts, they’ve come back in style actually don’t think they ever went out of style.   You just need to be careful when using glass for jar crafts with kids. The big mason jars do work the best for this.

Another fun idea is to add glitter to the mix.  Before shaking but after adding the glow stick pour in some glitter.  Turns jar crafts into a whole know ball game.  The jar will shine so brightly with twinkling starts.

Glow in the dark jars are a perfect jar craft for a sleepover.  Grab a bunch of different color glow stick and a dozen or so mason jars (depending on head count) wait until dark.   It really is the ultimate craft to do with kids.   You’ve probably wonder a few times about use glow sticks with kids crafts.

About glow sticks.  Ever wonder if the chemical inside is harmful.  Well it is, not deadly  but certainly is not meant to be handled with our bare hands.  Best is to use latex gloves when doing jar crafts involving glow sticks.

Another super fun craft for kids is this awesome homemade lava lamp.

Glow In The Dark Jar Crafts

glow jars 1


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