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DIY Chess board For Kids

Make your very own chess board

2 DIY chess board projects.  One is for around the house and other is made from felt for traveling.  With felt you won’t lose any pieces.

DIY Chess Board

What you Need:

Wood Board
cardboard egg cartons cut
googly eyes and various other crafts to decorate your animals
Paint (colors of your choice)


Take your ruler and with the pencil carefully draw out 64 squares onto your wooden board. Take two paint colors and begin paint the board.  While drying cut egg cartons separating each slot.  Decorate and desired!

How To Make a Felt Travel Chess board

diy travel chess board

What You’ll Need:

2 large square piece of different color felt for the board

2 different color felt sheet for the game pieces

No-Sew Iron-on Adhesive

Scissors, Pen and Ruler


Measure out lots of 1 in. by 1in. squares from one of the large sheets of felt.

Then place 1 in squares onto the other large pice of felt in a checkered pattern

Next cust out no-sew iron-on adhesive for each of the 1 in squares and iron them.

Now cut out each chess piece from the felt, here’s a template to use.



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