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Glove Puppets

There is something so comforting and fun about gloves, especially children’s gloves that come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors.   Sadly, just like our beloved socks our gloves go missing too.  A lot of times the gloves are too cute to trash, so they stay stashed away in the back of the drawer.  Well here is your chance to take them out and get creative! Homemade glove puppets will be your kids next favorite toy!

Adorable Little Pocket Monsters

Glove Monsters

These guys are very simple to make.  Just follow the instructions and you can make your very glove monsters.  Using stripped gloves and other styles allows to you design your glove monster however you’d like.


What You Will Need:
Batting (few handfuls of batting per glove)
Sewing Machine or just a needle and thread.
Felt, Buttons, String, and anything else you want to embellish you gloves with
Take the glove and turn it inside out and sew from the top of the thumb hole to the to the opposite side of the glove, creating a U-shape.  Be sure to leave a 1″ hole at the top of the stitch to push the stuffing through later. Then turn the glove back right side out and stuff the cuff inside the glove.  Begin stuffing the glove with the batting being sure to reach the end of all the fingers. Once fully stuffed stitch closed the 1 inch hole. 
 You’re now ready to decorate you glove puppets.  Have fun and enjoy your little monster puppets, they make great toys and stuffed animals for all ages!

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